Huntington County Modelers


PSP Field

Our flying site is PSP Field, 1340 W 800N, Uniondale, IN (approximately 7-8 miles south of the Fort Wayne airport). This is the home of John Perkins of PSP Manufacturing. We have a north-south runway approximately 470 feet in length. An east-west runway is under construction and should be in usable shape near year end of 2015. In 2012 we constructed a sunshade on the east side of the building to help alleviate the need for tents and such. Be advised that 800N is a gravel road so approaching the field from the east (from 100W) will limit the distance to about 1/3 mile. The three trees that where at the end of the NE corner of the runway are now gone!

GPS: N40 51.559 W85 14.855

PSP Field, 1340 W 800 N, Uniondale, Indiana, 46791, United States
1340 W 800 N
Uniondale Indiana 46791 United States
Map and Directions