Huntington County Modelers


Helpful contact info:

Norm Sizemore - [email protected] - 260-747-5568

Ray Dosh - [email protected] - 765-661-4974


Welcome to the
Huntington County Modelers
Radio Control Flying Club   



The Huntington County Modelers would like to show you how.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to fly Radio Control airplanes, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!!!  There are many reasons why you should join a flying club.  The Huntington County Modelers have many experienced pilots who can help you fly that shiny new trainer you just purchased.  We will hook you up to a trainer cord where your chances of wrecking that beautiful new bird are very low.  If you have not purchased a plane yet, we can help select one that is suitable for you and help you prepare it for flight.  You say you don't need the club because you already know how to fly?  How about instead of standing in a cornfield all by yourself, you could hang out with a bunch of guys who share your passion of RC aviation.  Besides, no matter how long you have been flying you will never have an answer for every problem that comes your way.  Instead of turning to the Internet, chances are somebody in the club probably has had the same problem and can give you a hands on solution.

So what are you waiting for??

Come on out and join the fun of RC airplanes and helicopters with the Huntington County Modelers!!!  For more information please contact Norman Sizemore at (260) 747-5568 or e-mail Ray Dosh at [email protected]